Wave Cafe: Waffles And Softserve Dreams Are Made Of

If there ever was a more legitimate reason to consume a match-made-in-heaven combo of waffles and ice cream, there’s always the convenient 24/7 blistering Malaysian heat. Then again, “legitimate” is at the eye of the ice cream be-(holder). Get it? Heh. Maybe you’ve just gone through a rough break up. You’re certainly entitled to drown your sorrows in a sugary, double whammy, temporary cure-all. More often than not, as an assumed food enthusiast like yourself whose hard earned money is exhausted towards padding life’s simple pleasures, you’re damn well entitled to earmark most – if not all – your dollars in the perennial pursuit of food. Rainy days can wait. Your insatiable appetite can’t. Hence: Wave Cafe.

At Wave Cafe, there’s not much in the way of ostentatious displays of showy interior designs. But the liberal spread of wood gives a cozy, cabin-the-woods feel. Break out the fire(not allowed), the marshmallows(not available here), a requisite tent(also prohibited) and you’ve got yourself a good old camping expedition(unlikely). But hey, there’s always your imagination.

Honey Lavender Waffles

Chocolate Softserve Waffles

Earl Grey Waffles with Honey lavender

Matcha Softserve Waffles

Souffle Pancakes

Who’s It For: Unhappy people looking to escape life-is-meh purgatory; happy people looking to sugar bomb their colorful life into pure ecstasy; and of course, dessert enthusiasts with a nearly-decaying(probably) sweet tooth.

Key Attributes: Simple modern interior without any pishy-poshy, showy displays of gimmickry, evoking a food-speaks-for-itself vibe.

Recommendations: Any one(or all) of their waffle ice cream pairs. I’m not telling you risk a full-scale onset prediabetes run at the entirety of their menu in one sitting, but I’m also not not telling you to do it(double negative, anyone?). Pro tip: skip any hearty meals of the vegetable, chicken, balanced meal-y variety. There’s only a finite amount of room in your stomach. Priorities, folks.

Venue: Wave Cafe
Address: 7, Jalan Kenari 19a, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100 Puchong, Selangor
Contact: 03-8074 9239


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