Foremula: Brunch Offerings To The Insta Gods

Much like cryptocurrency, cronuts and the appeal of a certain American president(who shall be unnamed), some things start off on a tame footing, gain small pockets of followers, and as a consequence of the clickbait-memes-swiping-filter culture, becomes a beast of its own. The result: the conceptual value-of-a-dollar proposition has become but a memory; waistlines have never been expansive; Tweets of such – dare I say – “uniqueness” has never been more welcoming. Trends come and go(hence the word), but every now and then, with enough staying power, some trends solidify into the very fabric of society.

Case in point: Brunch

Whether you’re nursing a Friday night hangover, going on a Tinder date, or feeling a solo-savoring brunch session, Foremula has got what you need. Enter at the risk of overindulging in all that brunch goodness. 

Call me crazy(some would say, there’s no genius without crazy. Am I right?)but at first glance, Foremula gives off this beauty-is-in-the-simplicity vibe, the technology equivalent of purchasing an Apple product: It burns a deep hole in our now ever-shallower pockets; nearly every iPhone iteration is arguably the same as its last-year predecessor; yet, like candy for a baby, we yearn for it. And as far as practicing gratitude of the First World kind, we thank Apple for it. We’re financially poorer but happiness richer(?). I digress. Foremula feels less like just a roof-over-your-head type of establishment and more like a fashion statement: Walk in, sit down, take an Insta(or five), and bathe in popularity. The gram ain’t gonna grow itself.

French Toast
Butter Me Up Chick


Crabby Patty

Ofishally Spicy

Sweet Potato Fries

You’ve Got Beef?


What’s In It For Me?

When the consequence of last nights binge-drinking escapade reaches heights previously thought unattainable and you’re wondering if that hottie at the bar you tried your luck with was actually a hottie(and not your friend Rick), there’s nothing better than good old fashion brunch to right your now-tarred senses. Foremula, if your going by namesake, will not provide a quick-fix foremula for your banging hangover. But there’s nothing like a Butter Me Up, Chick!(boneless chicken thigh with seasoned flour batter, deep-fried till crispy and topped with a creamy curried buttermilk sauce,accompanied by sweet potato fries and salad)or their French Toast paired with one of their infamous cakes(burnt cheesecake) that’ll set you on that sober path. Delicious? Yes. Two second cure for your hangover? Dream on, bud. It bears repeating: unlike the “instant “culture to which we’re enslaved to(quick swipe from every direction; instant texts replies, instant noodles?), there’s little else except for the slow crawl of time time that’ll heal your shame-tinged night.

Strings or no strings attached.

Wait, what?

Venue: Foremula
Address: D9-1-G, Dana 1 Commercial Centre, Jalan PJU 1A/46, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Contact: 03-7496 7419

Media: Facebook | Instagram

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