After Black Cafe: Cafe Perfection Personified

Here’s a fact: Cafes are every bit a function of the human condition as say idk.. breathing, eating and exercising(yeah, right) – with the caveat it pass the 3 pillars that, if left unfulfilled, will have you glued to your bed in a state of prolonged depression, resulting inevitably to the loss of your job, and as far as logical thinking goes, forever condemned to your parent’s basement, having to be constantly reminded that you should’ve been a doctor instead. That being said, here are the 3 basic tenets of cafeography(that’s a word, I swear) tested by yours truly: a) aesthetically pleasing enough to be worthy of gracing Instagram b) food’s gotta taste as good as it looks, and most importantly c) its gotta be approved by me(humbly). And…After Black Cafe has all that- in spades.


What seemingly looks like a mosh pit of unbridled chaos is rather an exposition in creativity unbound. There is, indeed, a method to the madness: more than just objects arbitrarily strewn about, After Black tries(successfully) to mimic something you’d find out of a garage-crossbreeds-with-a-gothic-themed-museum catalogue(if there was such a thing). Just so there’s no confusion, taking the low-hanging bicycle for a spin is prohibited and you’re certainly forbidden to read the shelved books. Especially when keeping pace with the internet meme-generating machine is a full-time job. And reading? L.OL.S. The wooden floors paired with the wooden exteriors gives it a distinct cabin-in-the-woods feel to it.

Sriracha Chicken Chop

Salted Egg Scallop Pasta

Honey Chicken Wings

Rose Honey Chicken

Berry Pavlova

Apple Crumble w/ Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream

Mango Coconut Cake | Chocolate Mint

Taro Almond Cake | Blueberry Lime Cheesecake

What’s In It For Me?

As cafes have risen to unseen prominence in the minds of cafe enthusiasts in the last decade, almost becoming a symbolic byword for being “culturally in the know”, it’s become a matter of culinary urgency that we filter out the subpar cafes, leaving only the best of the best  in the mainstream; a survival of the fittest if you will, or if cultural references are more your speed, I propose a Hunger Game-y weeding out of unworthy cafes. In this (highly) unlikely game of dominance – game of thrones? even – After Black Cafe makes for a strong and convincing contender. With deliciously select pasta options and their absurdly beautifully crafted cakes, it’s unlikely you’d find them at the sharp end of a competitor’s blade. Their years of operation is evident enough. And the game continues…

Address: 23, Jalan PJS 11/9, Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Contact: 03-5613 2868
Media: Facebook | Instagram


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