Bansan Bistro: Penang At Your Fingertips

If there’s one universally acknowledged truth – well, 2 to be exact for you number-crunching enthusiasts out there – it’s that 1) Millennials are way more spoiled than their predecessors that came before them(or so my mom keeps reminding me) 2) Penang food deserves a rightful place in the culinary pantheon of all-time greats. Step aside, France. (Okay, I kid. Don’t put me on the chopping block.) So naturally, I was caught off guard when Bansan Bistro came barging in – unannounced and unsolicited, not unlike a surprise message from an ex but that’s neither here nor there – to the tireless feeding frenzy of the ravenous Bangsar inhabitants – and outsiders alike.

If you can picture the artwork as the perfect stand-in for the architectural phenomenon of Penang, one that evokes a KLesque vibe – with none of the noise and also… none of the peaceful nostalgia – then they’re practically cut from the same cloth…? Then again, KLs bursting with young and spry youngins and none of the octagenarians(Sorry, Penang).

Assam Laksa

Braised Curry Chicken

Deep Fried Lobak Platter

Hokkien Mee

White Curry Mee

Ice Kacang

The Money (Pale Ale)

What’s In It For Me?

Bansan Bistro is a perfect mock-up of Penang’s wondrous offerings bottled within the sweet comfort of a modernized establishment. Armed to the teeth with the best of the bestest(that’s a word, right?)food on this side of Asia, you’re very much obligated to order every item available from its compact menu – as if to emphasize the “wow” dedicated to every dish – and finish it like the Insta fanatic that you are. Up the fun stakes with a Penang-crafted beer. The god of unparallel fun compels you. So if you ain’t feeling a long trek to Penang for the umpteenth time, I know of a perfect place in Banson Bistro.

Address: Lot UG-08, Level UG,The Sphere, No 1, Avenue 1 No, City, 8, Jalan Kerinchi, Bangsar South, 59200 Kuala Lumpur
Contact: 03-2242 0898
Media: Facebook | Instagram


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