La Fleur X Uniqorn: Disney Nostalgia Dressed In Pretty Pink

If you’re feeling particularly nostalgic for the feverish rise and slow fall of the 2013 let-it-go tune from the Frozen movie(**insert any and all Disney movies that come to mind**) – or as I’d like to call the great kid fever of 2013 of which I thankfully came out of it unscathed – then you’d likely find a rightful playground in La Fleur X Uniqorn; a place that encourages its inhabitants to live out their childhood fantasies of unicorns and rainbows – free of unwanted judgement and gawkers. A true Alice In Wonderland. Step forth to escape the harsh KL heat and into the pinkish wonderland of unicorns, rainbows and radiant positivity. Warning: 50 shades of pink ahead. Proceed at your own risk…of having too much fun. 

**Mini-Game: find the unicorn(Hint: there’s 2)**

At the risk of colour-peripheral-overload (it’s a thing; I just coined it), I thought it appropriate to address the elephant(or if you’d prefer, the unicorn – in the room: subtle shades of pink made pinker by more pink.

We interrupt your regularly programmed dessert extravaganza with an art exhibition

And we’re back – with a delicious finale

Instructions for consumption:
1. Choose base from waffle, pancake or egglet
2. Choose flavor of housemade ice cream(chocolate chip, yam, etc)
3. Choose sauce(maple syrup, honey, caramel syrup, whipped cream)
4. Choose fruit(bananas, raspberries, blueberries & strawberries)
5. Choose sprinkles
6. Slowly ease into a sugar coma
7. Welcome to sugar heaven

What’s in it for me?

Like any able-bodied, meme-loving, finger happy millennial who’s all too happy to disguise his big mouth as acts of charity, I’ma do my due diligence for the ladies out there who are looking to return to a time where boys were not yet part of the equation and life was way simpler. La Fleur X Uniqorn reads like an establishment laser-focused on transporting you to a simpler time, one of innocence and unfiltered fun – devoid of the life’s stresses. If anything, join your fellow Unicornians in staining their insta feed with a pinkish hue. Some things need not be filtered and it starts where the tip of the horn begins.

Address: E1-01, 02, Jalan Lagoon Selatan, Sunway Geo Avenue, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Contact: 011-1179 6750
Media: Facebook


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