Maiko Tea Cafe: Green Tea For The Insta

A unifying message to green tea evangelist and non-believers alike: if there’s one common thread – in the dank age where your 5-year-old cousin is a smartphone-wielding Jedi, where swiping up is telltale sign of FB newsfeed navigation and swiping right is a drug-induced rush to chase that matching high – it’s that primal need to showcase to your followers you got good taste(And yes, I’m talking about Instagram. It’s kinda a thing).

Touring the vibrant premises, in full view of the seemingly infinite variations of green tea, plays like a crash course in green tea botany. Carefully picked, manually pressed and filtered through some thoroughly archaic process that’ll leave you with the impression that you’ve been robbed all along of truly great tea, do get your teacups in a bunch and sip to the riches of Prince Harry getting married(if that’s your thing and tea is a British yeah)

*Premium Tea Variants*

Prepare to lick your lips as you snap away

*Gyokuro Tomato Smoothies | Gyokuro Banana Smoothies*

*Kyo Mukashi Iced Matcha | Matcha Float(green on green action)*

*Houjicha Parfait | Matcha Parfait*

*Matcha w/ rice dumplings*

*Matcha / Houjicha Kakigori *

*Matcha Milk Jam(good on bread & crackers)*

What’s in it for me?

Staying healthy is cool and all and being educated on the superior merits of Japanese green tea sounds fun af but if you’re to stay culturally relevant, definitely gotta ante up on that Insta game(thank’s internet) – lest everyone thinks you’re an uncultured buffoon. (Life tip: social media is the new Résumé so let’s keep it updated). Try your darndest to let their housemade ice cream dessert roll off your lips as you snap that sexually suggestive photo. Or just take a plain picture of the barebones ice cream dessert – at the expense of fewer likes. Remember: if high-quality green tea’s your well.. cup of tea(giggity), when it’s all said and done, chasing that matcha high is just as important as chasing that Tinder matching high. Let’s get to it.

Address: No 21 – 1 Jalan Telawi 2 off Jalan Bangsar, Bangsar, 59000 Kuala Lumpur
Contact: 016-505 0280
Media: Facebook | Instagram


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