Plane In The City: An Onboard Fine Dining Flight Simulation

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” begs the question “If your dining in a plane that’s technically not off the ground, can it still be dubbed as a dining-in-the-plane experience – one could argue that a plane that’s not in flight is more or less just a hunk of metal in the silhouette of a plane-like figure. Then again, we could be living in a simulation(here’s to you, Matrix) so let’s make the most of it and leave our vivid imagination to its own devices. Proceed down the runway to initiate the aircraft dining simulation.

Let’s get to the cockpit of the juicy metal(middle)

Plane In the City, a standalone experience in its own right, offers a 90-minute experience revolving around a grounded Boeing 737 aircraft,

where you get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do things such as taking a ‘selfie’ while sticking your heads out of the Pilot’s cockpit(that’s so millennial of you),walking on the wings of the aircraft(you’re such a daredevil), enjoying a fine-dining meal serenaded by today’s hit music(pishy-poshy much?) and many more. You have to experience the real thing for yourself to truly grasp its wondrous offerings(in the words of Loki: “I consider experience experience”).

Oh and did I mention the stewardesses(say that five times fast)

All things good come in three’s

Is it weird that even the economy package feels like I’m sitting among the posh folks living it up at first class? On second thought, maybe its the universe telling me I’m just lowbred – plain and simple(Sad times).

Food is love, food is life

*Steamed Fish Of the Day, Soy Broth, Buckwheat Noodles*

*Minted dark chocolate warm lava, vanilla cloud, passion fruit macaroon & peach ice cream*

*Vanilla Oreos panna cotta Berries soup and fresh berries*

*Baked goat cheese & onion compote in puff pastry, fresh fig Beetroot confit & shaved truffles*

*Smoked Norwegian salmon, cereal bread, avocado cream, ikura*

*Matcha tiramisu, berries compote, choc croutons*

*Warm roasted avocado stuffed with mushroom and smoked mozzarella crumble*

Let’s take a moment of silence to appreciate the artistry threaded into every dish, every component placed strategically to mimic the offerings that you’d find in any available fine dining establishment.

What’s in it for me?

If you’re ever in the market to experience a real-life flight simulation firsthand, you’re exactly where you need to be: onboard fine dining without the hassle of turbulence, crying babies, and if flying ain’t your thing. Talk about taking off and reaching new heights(pun intended)

A summary for your viewing pleasure:

  • Venue: Skyland, Jalan Bukit Bintang
  • Time: 6pm & 8pm daily
  • Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Packages: Economy(RM199), Business(RM399), First Class(RM999) (Seats are sold in pairs)
  • Contact: 016-2991396
  • Website


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