Case 2: Lego’s Short Term Sacrifice For Long Term Gains

Losing a favourite toy can be a traumatic experience for a young child. Longtime devout lego fan Luke Apps spent all his Christmas money on a NInjago(lego ninja) named Jay XZ. In defiance(as far as children are concerned) of his father warning against bringing his toy to a shopping trip…he lost it. 

In nothing short of what can only be described as the creative albeit desperate flourish of a young child, Luka wrote a letter to Lego detailing his loss and offering assurances that he would be doubly careful should Lego send him another one.

The response he received from Lego customer support representative Richard was nothing short of amazing. Richard told Luke that he had talked to Sensei Wu (a Ninjago character), writing:

The rarity to which such a thoughtful, creative response is given to a troubled customer that it provoked a viral response from the community at large – to the long-term benefit of Lego –  is worth learning from.

Lesson learned: When a company goes out their way to extend a helping hand to a distraught customer, the results tend to speak for themselves as demonstrated by the all-seeing, all-powerful entity that is the internet; when the final judgement of the internet is passed and the hammer is dropped(making for some great PR for a company), then you know something was done right. Long-term benefits are always worth the short-term sacrifices. Always

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