Black Ink No.6 : Silence In A World Of Noise

I’d be forgiven for dismissing Black Ink as an establishment targeted to all bipeds when in actuality, it’s more for those looking for a great escape – away from the white noise, away from the perpetual notification of the not-so-distant “bing” of the next social media bell. Or it could serve as a backdrop to a perfect date once Facebook releases its dating application counterpart to the outcries of Tinder and its ilk. Or you could ask someone out the old fashion way: in person, nervous sweats notwithstanding.(Then again I’m not my grandparents nor am I ballsy for lack of a better word) Short story shorter: come here for a slice of quietude.

Whoops, I digress(sue me)

If I’m smelling of the type – you know the “social media is the bottomless pit that ails us millennials” type – I’ll have you know that I’m 500 friends(2 of which I regularly talk to; the other 498 serve more as an “I’m popular” beacon) and 1000 post deep into social media to extricate myself from the good life but there are days when existing beyond the recesses of your phone is necessary. And like any social media-obsessed millennial worth their artisanal salt, I crave validation just as much as the gym-goer brandishing his oiled slick abs phishing for compliments(Okay, not that much).

Sitting On The Iron Throne: Brunch King

Perched atop its quiet complexion is its crown jewel, brunch. Don’t disregard Black Ink’s single page menu as lacking the creative juices to push the culinary envelope. Sometimes great things come in small packages(I’m 167 cm in height but I like to think my personality makes up for my literal shortcomings). Instead, in keeping with its simplicity theme woven throughout, brunch has been simplified, reduced, and compressed into a frills-free selection that run the gamut from classic breakfast sandwiches (toasted loaf layered with baby spinach, sauteed mushrooms, cheddar cheese, and two sunny side up eggs) to rice bowls( sliced rib-eye steak, onsen egg, pickled cucumber and radish dressing lying on a helping of rice)


What’s in it for me?

If you’re looking to be a likely accomplice to the noise that usually accompanies something like a club, you’d be in the minority here. But if you more the type to blend seamlessly into the cozy, chill environment, you’d be among friends. The brunch options are worthy of my endless praise and the coffee variety rides on the coattails of any cafe dishing out decent coffee but the golden snitch is (*drum roll*) the overall experience inclusive of well… everything. And no, I’m not taking the moral middle ground – if that’s even a thing.

Facts: the perfect mesh of satiating comfort food and a cozy environment makes for a perfect getaway spot – without the hefty budget or the planning. So if your curiosity has reached its final crescendo, sign on the dotted line(cuz…Black Ink). 

Address: 2, Jalan Liew Weng Chee, Kampung Baru, 50450 Kuala Lumpur
Media: Facebook


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