Why Feedback Is Like Holding The Hammer Of Thor And Why You’re Worthy

Feedback, the transmission of evaluative or corrective information about an action, event, or process to the original or controlling source, roughly translated to, in human terms, the act of cursing profusely if you’re a barbarian or subtly hinting with a dab of sarcasm if you’re born from a silver inflected cradle, that the meal you just inhaled was for all intents and purposes complete garbage.

I’d rather not delve into the psychology of human psyche – how our lust for attention for being wronged must somehow be righted; if not for the moral implications then certainly for the satisfaction(oh, how I love you Mr. Internet) – so lets be civil over a cup of camomile tea and talk about how this can be addressed.

As restaurant patrons – the lifeblood of keeping restaurants afloat – you possess more power than you think. Is the ambiance lacking flair, was your roasted chicken taken on a long summer vacation and ended up with a seasoned sunburn, or was it just the grouch of a server who decided angry is the new sexy? Think of yourself not as an assembly line worker but as a daily restaurant critic; not as a Jeep but as a Hummer; not as a mallet, but as Thor’s hammer(for the enlightened, Mjölnir)

I’m going to make the assumption that you’ve gone through the whole kit and caboodle – finding a restaurant to take out your tinder date, downing your meal, paying that hefty price, and finally departing. It was highly memorable – for being a complete and utter waste of money and most importantly time or it was a “ten out of ten, would visit soon again”. If you’re one to provide constructive criticism or destructive tantrums, I’ve got news for you: since we’re on the trajectory of bitcoin, virtual reality and cronuts, scanning a QR code to provide much-needed feedback to an eager restaurateur seems seasonally ripe.

Picture a box native to each particular restaurant that allows for you to whip out your phone, open an app, scan the QR code on the box, service:4/10; food: 8/10; atmosphere: 7/10. Roboto Sushi has a new take on chicken katsu and would like your honest opinion on the new dish. Not the charitable type? How about loyalty points for your services rendered in the form of discounts(what’s better than paying 9.95? 8.00. Simple math = Bigger Bank Account) or if you’re the flashy type, elitist status(think about what a Porsche brings to the table: respect, envy, and a whole “lotta” love.)

The result: next time around, thanks to you and the collective bunch, the owner was privy to its subpar service, have made the necessary turnaround and as a bonus has named a new dish after you(promises not included).

Long story short: You’re worthy.


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