8 Memes That Describe How Food Is Life

Sometimes its easy to forget that for all the love experienced, love lost, and love reignited, we still kneel at the altar of all that is food eternal. Girlfriends/boyfriends come and go, youth has a way of slipping into oblivion, people drop in and out but the one constant, the one mainstay that always finds its way into the pit of our stomachs(literally) is food.

Sorry but Ricky just doesn’t make me feel the same way you do. There’s only so much space per entry.

If you’re not a distant cousin(pizza, nasi lemak, curry laksa), step away.

People just don’t get me. Ice cream is such a milky smooth talker.

The more calories, the more flavor. That’s just straight up facts right there.

I don’t spin truths. I only abide by them. The truth is in list.

You know what they say about love: it’s priceless. More importantly, the food was. Consider me satisfied.

I’m just too busy eating to do anything else. I’m simple like that.

Some people are destined to change the world. I just wanna chase food trends.


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