Happiness Level Linked With Stacking?

Studies show there’s a positive correlation between stacks and happiness. The higher the stack, the higher your happiness level. True story(Not really). #phatstacks

Sample Size: 1(Me)

[Big Hug Burger]

Good guy burger addressing the problems of the oversaturated buns market and the issue of my undersaturated stomach. Two birds with one stone.


This burger got me feeling lucky, prosperous and durable. Chinese New Year? What’s that?

[Fuel Shack]

Modern technology just wasn’t advanced enough to capture all the layers. Shoutout to blockchain, AR and VR. Maybe they’ll unlock its full potential.


That’s one burger I swear. How dare you accuse me of illegal stacking.


Try as you might. Its power can’t be contained.

[Burger Kaw Kaw]

Triple the stack, triple the happiness. That’s how it works right?

[The Counter]

The magic’s in the filling. Buns be damned.


I’m all tapped out. I’m just gonna start de-stacking. See ya folks.

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