I Love My Partner But My Real Sweetheart Is … Ice Cream

Insulin Not Included

I tried sweetening up my marriage using an outside entity to bring back the romance but I ended up getting with the source.

[Morelli’s Gelato]

The beauty above is named La Dolce Vita Sundae. I’m no expert but I believe that roughly translates to “The delicious, eat me now, what are you waiting for, I’m begging you + sundae. Cmon folks. Get wit it.

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[Joy St]

Talk about the $$ money shot $$( And I guess the ang pow is cool too).

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[Inside Scoop]

We got a chicken or egg dilemma: Does the durian make the ice cream or does the ice cream make the durian. Stay tuned for the next episode. For now, don the crown and eat like a king.

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[Happy Creme]

Kissing is cool and all but I’d love it if you drizzle me, baby – chocolate style #relationshipgoals

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[Kind Kones]

The best type of spillover effect. Remember: keep the environment tidy but for ice cream, the messier the sweeter.

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You know what’s clinically proven to be insane: one scoop of ice cream when three’s an option. 3 > 1. Number’s don’t lie(Also hips).

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[Whimsical Cafe]

 Love fades but ice cream is everlasting(mostly because I always keep it fully stocked)

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My parents raised me right but fudge, this got me feeling naughty.

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