Giving Power Back To Restaurant Patrons – One Voice, One Opinion, One Pitchfork At A Time

Power is the new sexy. And you can bring it back.

The state of the restaurant landscape is fragmented at its best and piss poor at its worst. It has become the norm to expect your walk-ins to be a gamble – hit or miss situation akin to flipping a coin. The emergence of online reviews may have been the foundational basis from which to gauge the credibility of a restaurant but in the spirit of keeping it completely transparent, much of its current form leaves a lot to be desired: the subjectivity of said review, platforms allowing full freedom for bad reviews to be exorcised, creation of fake reviews at the behest of the owners. Not to mention the heaven-and-earth contradictions. “Masterflex123” found his experience at a particular restaurant to be “the best experience I’ve ever had” while “xxJohnnyBoyExtraordinairexx” is forever scarred by the downright puke-inducing brioche.

So much noise and so little to go off of. Everyone having an opinion is equivalent to no one having an opinion much like if everyone was special, no one would be special. Your dining experience – whether it be hitting it off with your tinder date or enjoying a meal alone – should not be a gamble, a toss-up, a petition to the gods of chance. Imagine this:  walking in, sitting down, and being fully immersed in an experience unlike any you’ve felt before. It won’t be perfect( perfection is not attainable but when we chase perfection, we can catch excellence) but you can be the deciding factor in moving the lever forward, in molding the experience and its not a pipe dream – it’s already here.


Picture an online digital profile constantly learning, evolving and adapting to learn your specific wants and needs: you prefer your carbonara with less cheese(less cheese said no one ever) No problem; you’d like your steak medium well done(stick it to all the medium rare goonies). Right away. Mr President). The kicker: you don’t even need to utter the few words to the wait staff because time is precious and so is the lady/man across from you whom your trying to woo. Unless your feeling a bit more dangerous this time around and would prefer your chili a tad bit spicier, you’ll be given the usual – without delay, all year round. This is a symphony and you’re the conductor.


Anniversaries, birthdays, special occasions(valentines day). Ammo to be fed into the system and what it spits on the other side is a more rounded experience catered to your needs – personalization on steroids. Think about it: an on-the-house birthday cake if you want to feel love(or if you got daddy issues) like you’ve never felt before.


If your the type who meets your high school sweetheart in biology class at 18, marries her/him 4 months later, produces a kid – or ten – 6 months down the line, I’d file you under the “extremely loyal” section. Who’s to say you don’t deserve to be rewarded for your loyalty. If you’ve been a patron at Bob’s Burger for the umpteenth year, then it’s only fair the establishment reciprocates in kind – in the same vein as Uber rewards.


I’m not in the business of peddling false truths, fake news or some pie in the sky hard-to-attain objective. From deep within my bowels, I want every dollar that you fork out for a good meal to be worth its money regardless of social status, class or whatever perceived value you’re worth.

This is just the tip of the iceberg; much of what is underneath is still unexplored.

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