The insides of Munchh app (and how it works to help you)

Hungry don’t know where to eat?

Still figuring out what to eat later?

Hesitating whether the restaurant you looked up to is good?

Look no further with this new app Munchh that will help you decide your next course of the meal. Here is how you can do it…

munchh food appThe app that helps you discover what is delicious and trending

We kept hearing people ask, “What to eat” over and over just to end up with an undecided conclusion.

Not to mention your hesitation over trying new experiences, every time you read/heard about few undesirable reviews about the new restaurant, which most often shuts you off before you could give it a try. 

We know how that feels, both ways.

That is why Munchh is here…

Simple and practical features

We have too much to worry about these days— busy earning, busy deciding, busy getting stuck in traffic.

There’s just too much of ongoing hustle and bustle. That’s the core reason Munchh is developed; to provide a straightforward solution which will help you make the best dining decision, at the same time help restauranteurs keep them on their feet by improving their quality of services. 

The main page of the app has three columns and a search bar for quick access. Charts are categorized into three sections:

  • Top 100 all-time best restaurants (with the highest rating)
  • Trending restaurants (most visited in a week)
  • New restaurants opened near you.

So many choices, too little time- bookmark your places so you don't have to crack your head to decide on where to eat anymore!


Next to the charts column is the Cuisines corner where you will be able to select the types of food you crave with just a tap.

The cuisine corner. Just nice for you to select your appetite for the day!
The cuisine corner. Just nice for you to select your appetite for the day!


For those of you who enjoy reviews and food related news, Munchh has it all under the News column next to the Cuisines tab.

Get in the know with the latest, trending eats.


We provide updates on the latest restaurants and exciting events that will excite your palate, if not adrenaline.

You can edit your profile at ease once you signed into your account. The user bar will have notifications and promotions frequently updated so that you will not miss out great dining places and promotions.



Your profile will guide you through our food app.
Your profile overview.


Extra special promos for our users!
You don’t have to collect thousands of points just to enjoy a reward! We also have extra special promos only for Munchh users.


Profile overview.
Sign in to view Your Profile. Collect points and redeem a variety of food rewards.


You can also choose to bookmark your favorite restaurants for instant searches the next time when you come back to your apps.

Bookmark your favorite places
Interesting eats but there’s so much your tummy can only load? Bookmark them so you can visit the next time.

Your voice, our action

Every time you visit a restaurant under our directory, you can also provide feedbacks on the food quality and services.


Customers will leave feedbacks and reviews about their restaurants!
Customers will leave feedbacks and reviews about their restaurants!


Conventional review and rating system may have left comments unseen, especially if it is an unpleasant one.

At Munchh, we believe in transparency. No hanky-panky, and only the best recommendation to our users. 

All customers’ feedbacks will influence the restaurant’s ranking in our app. That way, the eatery’s ranking will not be affected by the paid ad feature, unlike other food review apps where good reviews can be boosted by paying for it. 

Ratings of a restaurant will be judged thoroughly, based on 5 categories which are taste, value, service, atmosphere, and location.Munchh rating system

Munchh rating system

The best part? You are directly involved in contributing to the restaurant’s betterment, and at the same time get rewarded from the restaurant and us!

At the end of the day, if it wasn’t for you. There won’t be Munchh, there won’t be these restaurants.


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