How you can skyrocket your eatery business sales with Munchh’s powerful CRM tool

Advancement in technology has been increasingly useful in the food and beverage (F&B) industry.

Long gone the days of manual tracking for customer service.

Now, restauranteurs can rely on customer relationship management system to track, customize, analyze and manage their business operations.

Of course, what is more crucial than to attract sales if we do not have strong customer support? Especially when a restaurant is newly launched.

Munchh's app demo

Good news is, Munchh’s Customer Relation Management (CRM) system can help you gain insights in what actually matters to your business —your customers.

To truly understand their behavior, the CRM will gather necessary data and statistics which you can then use to analyze.  

This way, you can react effectively towards your customer’s needs and requests, know what type of customer that frequently patronizes your café so that the next time when they return, you are well prepared to pamper them with your offerings.

So the million dollar question is— how are we able to help you connect with your customers? We will provide you our simple yet power CRM tool that not only enables you to have a quick overview of your existing customers but potential ones as well.

Well, the answer is pretty simple, yet powerful.

The CRM tool that not only enables you to have a quick overview of your existing customers but potential ones as well.

Yes! We know your time is precious when it comes to running a restaurant/café. Thus having a CRM is no longer a luxury but today’s necessity when it comes to running an F&B business.

Munchh strives to keep everything user-friendly so that you don’t need to crack your head to figure out the mechanism.  

Just head straight for your Dashboard, and you can view everything in a jiffy. 


Dashboard overview
See the ‘bigger picture’ on our dashboard!

Your dashboard page will consist of 4 different color tab (Human tend to recognize color better than wordings) segregated into:

  • User Feedbacks
  • Bookmarks
  • Likes
  • Shares

As you point your cursor to the tab, it will pop out all relevant details.

Some of the awesome features we have such as checking out which customers liked your eatery or even customers who gave feedback to your restaurant.


Feedbacks and reviews from customer
Feedbacks and reviews from customer

Apart from engaging your customer’s feedback, you can check if your business is doing well or not over a period of time, by knowing who your target customers are. All via our system. 

From the information you gather, you can then effectively plan your upcoming promotions to cater to these specific target customers (i.e. meals that your patrons love, by looking at the most popular dishes purchased) 

So what’s next after knowing who your audience are?

Is there anything else you can further improve so your customer will come back? 


Of course, you need to get in touch with your customer constantly, where you can do so in our customers’ feedbacks section. 


Understand your customers better!
Understand your customers better!

How do I get feedbacks from my customers?

Munchh CRM tools provide easy setup for your feedback form. You only need to go to the feedback section on the left side of your user bar and click on “Manage Form.”

You are then able to create a personalized feedback form. Additionally, our tool enables you to follow up on your customer’s feedback for future improvements.


Respond to feedbacks and improve your customers' experience!
Respond to feedbacks and improve your customers’ experience!

 Easy updates on the menu 

So you have aced the first part, and you would like your customers to know about the recent changes or menu updates from their last visits. 

Again, some questions may have gotten you a mild panic attack. Questions like…

Do you need to do a shout out on your other blog or website? Perhaps maybe you have come out with a new list of the menu in which you wish to inform your customer?


Since we promised you our system is going to be simple and minimal, we’ve got you covered in this area too.

Our application can directly notify any changes you made on your side once you are done.

You can upload your photos to our dedicated server and feature some of your daily, weekly or monthly specials so that your customers are well informed about your business. 

To stay on top of the game, you can also add a menu to your feature so your customers can be enticed, and hopefully help them decide better too, before stopping over for a meal.


Uploading pictures is so easy with our user-friendly system.
Uploading pictures is so easy with our user-friendly system.
Menu updates made easy.
Menu updates made easy.

Go ahead, reward your loyal customers with gifts and promotions

Your customers deserve some rewards after all the support they have given you to grow and improve.

However, creating rewards and promotion campaigns can be tedious and time-consuming.

Munchh allows you to create these campaigns easily so that you can focus on more important, or urgent tasks; all within a single platform. 


Pamper your customers by rewarding them. Add new promotional item for your business by just clicking on 'Add New.' It's that simple...
Pamper your customers by rewarding them…

What if I forgot how to operate?

No worries! We know that people tend to lose themselves in their work, which is why we have a Help section acting as a refresher to get you to where you left.

All of your Q&A’s can be found in this section.


Ever ready Help section to assist you in times of need.
Ever ready Help section to assist you in times of need.

It is merely impossible these days to not rely on the Internet for our business.

As scary as it may seem, your business should not suffer from the uncertainties of technology.

Even though there are hundreds of tech tools for you to choose from, you must always remember to choose one that complements your business best and is easy enough for you to use.

Knowing your customer’s needs is vital. But running a business is akin to saving the world. And you’re the superhero—

PS: If you ‘d like to learn more about our tools, we are glad to be at your service anytime. Do contact us via (Munchh contact details) and we shall get back to you pronto. Ask for a demo!


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