Munchh, your happy food app.

Munchh, not just your typical food app

The customers were complaining. Service was not only slow, but staffs were also rude. This muddle is no longer a stranger to most of us.

Customers, who especially love dining out. In this modern era, the majority of us are either eating out or taking away for meals for a lazy evening. And that’s why we expect to gain from the money we paid. Frankly, the higher the bill goes, the higher your expectation would be.

So you’re unhappy. What do you do? You leave a comment amongst tens of hundreds on apps like Yelp, Zomato, and even Foursquare.

Hoping that others will be aware of your situation and everybody else somehow, sympathetically agrees with you unanimously, offline that is.

Case closed.

Imagine you’re the restaurant owner, though. Or somebody who read the reviews, and happens to know the owner. How would you feel? Bad, helpless, hopeless?

Truthfully, humans don’t always make the wisest decisions when we’re angry. We hate to see that happen. Especially Steven. The founder of Munchh.

A true foodie at heart, he doesn’t want eateries to just shut down in months to come, following the condemnation of angry customers. “Perhaps the restauranteurs themselves are clueless?”, he thought to himself.

The thought rings true to some restauranteurs, where they’d put in additional efforts to Google, their customers because they don’t actually know much about them.

Instead of Googling each customer, which is excruciatingly time-consuming, how about a centralized system that truly enables eatery owners to better understand them.

To solve this prevailing problem, Steven not only offering restaurants (who got condemned) practical solutions and advice to tackle unhappy customers but he also created a system for these businesses to manage their operations, analyze their customers’ behaviors and thus, sustaining their F&B business in the long run.

Steven speaks his mind and tells us his story:

Fancy name Munchh. How did you come up with the name and what’s with the double H?

The name Munchh is a reflection of what our community do best— seekers of food pleasure, what’s trending, what’s the current food hype, or simply what exciting menu shall we try next.

People in Australia relates the word Munchh to having a quick bite or eat in general. We find the word suitable to our mission, as we want to portray Munchh not only as a fun brand but also a trustworthy tool for food lovers to discover eateries.

Moreover, Munchh is simple and really easy to remember, and we hope it relates to people of all ages. The double H doesn’t have much meaning to it we just find it sexier to have it doubled and of course also for easier domain search.

Cool! How is Munchh different than other apps like Zomato, or even the popular Foursquare?

Munchh is not just about food discovery. We care about helping restaurants perform better in giving out the best possible service for consumers to experience with.

We know how the F&B industry can be cut-throat. That’s why we want to help restauranteurs tackle customers’ complaints effectively. Our system allows your management team to manage work productively as well as to empower you with the data so you’ll get better insights of your consumers’ needs and demands, which in turn, create a healthy relationship between customers and their favorite restaurants.

Can you mention some of the features from the Munchh’s CRM system then? 

Customers love rewards. Who doesn’t? Restaurants knew it too but sometimes, they just didn’t know how to get the promotional news out.

With Munchh, they can work with the system and reward their customers for loyalty programs like:

  • Exclusive promotions;
  • Invitations to tasting events;
  • Restaurant limited edition reward system to appreciate the increasing number of their loyal fans.

Overall, we want to helps customers and restaurants to provide a better experience in this ever-challenging industry.

Tray of awesoneness

Speaking of challenging industry, how is Munchh going to tackle this obstacle?

Our primary missions are divided into two:

  • To create the restaurant of tomorrow with the use of technology that helps improve the operations of their outlets
  • To use technology like a CRM system to better understand their customer needs.

With these in mind, we want to provide food lovers with different culinary experiences so they can indulge and at the same time, capturing great memories by sharing memorable eating experiences on their timeline in the app.

What can users expect from Munchh?

Users can expect Munchh to be very involved with the food lover community. We love our on-ground work, and we love to share our passion with our beloved eaters.

They can expect a list of restaurants that are a must try for eaters of all ages. We also want to emphasize in providing trustable ratings and empowering our user’s opinion in how we rank these restaurants.

coffee in a cafe

Sounds good! So if there’s mind-boggling fact about Munchh and what’s in store for the users, mind sharing it with us?

Imagine an app that allows you to discover eats, not just that we help you to discover easier and smarter. Our app allows you to invite your friends for your discovery, bookmark restaurants you plan to visit; for sure we will provide every single updated info about the restaurant you plan to go such as full updated menus, best seller food with photos, description and price, current in-store promotions if you love to go for value, additional info such as vegetarian, accept cards, pet friendly and more to meet your personal needs.

Don’t know how to go to your destination? Don’t worry! Just use Munchh to help you discover your desired restaurant, where we provide instant Google and wave map features that direct you straight to the doorsteps.

Don’t have a car or lazy to drive? Let Uber drive you from a click of a button in our app. With Uber’s extensive feature, you can also let your friends know your estimated time of arrival (ETA) or inform your friends your recommended restaurant to them. Our app allows ‘share link’ for you to quickly get to the restaurant.

Last but not least, let your opinions be heard and valued by your favorite restaurant. Get noticed and rewarded instantly upon every feedback completion.

Even more, for every feedback is given, Munchh is rewarding you with points. You can also redeem MYR500 of free meals, sponsored.

Chilling with coffee

Cool. Can’t wait! 🙂

Steve’s few conclusive words…

Stay tuned for more from Munchh…

Life is simple you make choices and never look back 😛

Slowly but surely let’s create a startup that puts a dent in people’s life.

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